Drummers are known for having to be musically diverse, but only a few get to carry that versatility into their workaday drumming lives. Scott Grant is living proof that it’s the multi-faceted drummer who flourishes most. A professional drummer since 1986, this Kelowna, British Columbia native is embracing the drummer’s dream contributing his musical dexterity to a far-reaching list of music artists, providing the rhythmic backdrop to countless recording sessions and paving the way for a new generation of modern drummers.

From his start as a drummer in country and rock bands, Scott has taken the full musical journey–first contributing sweat equity developing himself as a player, then working even harder to get and keep his name out there.

Today, Scott leverages that musical flexibility daily, backing a full roster of award-winning artists while promoting his drum lessons and music expertise as owner/operator of The Modern Drum Room in Kelowna, British Columbia.